Our vision

Twiga Media specializes in drafting elaborate communication infrastructure for corporate, social, education, individual and political organizations.

Offering more than your typical communication guru, We provide our customers with innovative technological tools to build more efficient ways to materialize their projects and optimize information flow within their organizations and beyond.

Our philosophy


We work efficiently close with your team, while making effective use of data to establish the project’s scope and synchronize it with an elaborate project life cycle management plan. We also keep a close tab on overall projects primary goal and ensure that the team is able to leverage drafted plans with proven real world growth strategy methods.


We understand that every project carries different objectives, therefore requires a Team with strong capacity for change and adaptability. As an organization you need to understand that every project offers an opportunity for innovation. Strategy will define the inner workings of projects feasibility, therefore as Market developers we need to devise tailor made market development strategies built around specific projects settings and environments.


We strongly believe that successful outcome rely on genuine work ethic developed within a natural environment. Achievements of the highest quality are attained when we are able to construct strong and liable work culture. The capacity to efficiently identify change will provide us with the necessary information to accurately time market development campaigns when it is most effective. And result is the only metric worth our investment time.

Clients & Partners

We have worked with some of the largest multinational organizations within the African region

Network Infrastructure

Acquisition and deployment of networking equipment + Management and system maintenance of a mining site. VSAT Connection installation + support 

Web Development 

Elaboration and development of a website and call center, for the national anti-corruption agency within DRC’s institutions and local government

Education Project

Implementation and management of an an open source software “Allo Ecole” used to conduct surveys in D.R.Congo’s education system